10 Things Every SINGLE Woman Should Know



God truly desires that every single Christian woman who wants to partner in marriage will do so. He wants her to cross paths with a loving and Godly man that will ultimately become her husband. If you have been single for many years, and you’ve been praying earnestly about getting married without receiving the results you expect, you might be tempted to lose faith. Don’t ever let this happen. If you find yourself feeling lonely and you have a deep desire to be married, have confidence that it will become a reality; but also, be aware that there are a few pieces of knowledge that you simply must have in your arsenal. These yummy pieces of truth will help you to prepare mentally, emotionally, and most of all, spiritually, to meet the person that you will ultimately partner with in marriage.



lcw-withmywholeheartDown On One Knee
When a man decides to go down on one knee and ask a woman to be his wife, it means he’s seen something within her that has touched his heart profoundly. He’s determined that his search is over, because he’s discovered in her what could not be found in others…